Did Jason Momoa Just Spoil the End of 'Aquaman'?

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In his second appearance in the DCEU, Jason Momoa's Aquaman finally takes on a leading role in his own film, which Warner Bros. hopes will rekindle fan excitement after the disappointing critical reception and box office performance of last year's Justice League.

Played by Jason Momoa, Aquaman seems to spend quite a bit of time on land during his journey to becoming the king of Atlantis.

Plot details are still under-wraps but speaking to DC All Access earlier this year, Momoa did appear to confirm a long-standing fan-theory about Aquaman and Superman having crossed paths before. Warner Bros. released the first trailer for "Shazam!" at San Diego Comic-Con on Saturday. "Shazam" may just look like a fun word, but it's actually an acronym that pays homage to each key figure who makes up the power of Shazam! Not exactly, but the idea here is that The Worlds of DC can support multiple films and ideas - a cinematic multiverse, if you will.

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Aquaman is slated for release on December 14.

We've seen plenty of movies about Batman.

The story follows the events of Justice League but also delves into Arthur Curry's origins - his mother was Queen Atlanna (Nicole Kidman in a guest role), and his father a humble lighthouse-keeper from the surface.

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Director James Wan, known for Furious 7 and The Conjuring movies, said he wanted to give Aquaman a different feel than other superhero movies filling up screens. "It looks like a surprisingly amusing and zany superhero film, which will be a huge turn from the incredibly grim DC films like 'Man of Steel" and 'Batman V. Superman'".

San Deigo Comic-Con 2018 saw the release of trailers for many important upcoming movies.

"You think, 'Oh my life is a computer simulation and I'm living in the Matrix,"' he said.

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